Sunday, October 4, 2009


Thursday, April 30, 2009 FIGHTER'S BLOOD

It had 2 b unlocked finally found my soul could not contain it any longer. The feeling inside is blood-boiling adrenaline rushing thunderously through my veins.

I keep my distance and wonder in my silence although these situation that I embrace only prove 2 bring me down.

I must use bravery, and retaliate with excessive force 2 get my point across.Traveling so long looking for the long lost mirror showing me my true potential. I could care less for my foes. My heart pounding the beast I tame inside is roaring out battle cries.

It’s a consistent battle of fake and real, I must murder them b4 I am killed.Not in a sense of really committing 2 taking another life, but 2 destroy all methods of mental infiltration that will bring darkness 2 my light.

So much I witness yet my posture is without sound, being totally aware of what surrounds me.

I seem 2 4get that I am the future of past warlords, the curse I have will bring pain against all that oppose me I know my fate I see why people with hate in their hearts have chosen me.

I been thru agony, and tortured over and over again. My connection grows stronger with the creator above. I’m no longer lost although I must fight on;everyday is a battle singing the same depressing song.

I have 2 find myself.... When will it come 2 and end? Who will show me the truths within the lies these evil carries brought 2 me? Flee away I see u trying to regain a place in my system.

I must go on; I have 2 attack with my element, focused over a period time now timing is relevant.

Discipline is the key and concentration is the strategy in the end u shall see my art no longer will the laughter b directed 2wards me. The heat grows on the blood within in me, fighting evil every day the evil inside and outside of me.

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