Sunday, October 4, 2009


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling like I'm being b pushed farther so I focus my energy and train myself 2 the peak till I feel I can attack with more aggression and withstand the blows delivered.

The threats meant 2 make me quiver I shake them off and in return my devilish smirk should make u question my true abilities.

I avoid haters at all cause but I'm always pushed 2 the limit and I show my skills at that moment snatching souls leaving advisories in shock. I'm 2 authentic 2 tarnish and flamboyant 2 perish.

Although people still feel as tho my evil I posses is untamed, I keep 'em guessing secrets never revealed till breath in my lungs are lost. I keep my weaponry close, I have nothing 2 prove try me and harm anything I love u will lose more then ur life.

I feel me fallen in the wind; I hear whispers in the dark beyond ghost tails...what a phenomenon. Lesson learned life is unfair gotta make the best outta every situation evading death but I can't control who will write the ending chapter in my book.

Staying alive becomes harder as I got older so I got colder as I was tormented in the flames I grew stronger my stare is fierce looking in 2 the heartless.

Talking 2 the creator, seeking 4 answer I keep my loves ones close and eliminate fakers trying 2 creep within.

I was sleep I have awaken unaware of today’s tribulations had 2 become a fast learner and hone my methods. This cruel world bleeds nothing but money, and I'm thirsty drinking red-rum chasing paper with a broken heart. When trying 2 make a better living situation that seems 2 be the only concern all emotions had 2 b put aside only thing on my mind is this paper.

My loves ones did all they could. My ears was closed they open now had 2 learn it the hard way.

Got scars on my heart and its still pumps inspiration flowing like the reflections in water producing my struggles on paper poetically.

I'm not vocal somewhat of a sacred author of scriptures.Look in the visual pages filled with words explaing my life story...Let it burn in ur hands when u grasp it, let it show ur eyes the naked truth. Feel my hatred I produce nothing is giving 4 free its 4 the taking. Gotta b smarter than the average krazy things being born

I'm slaying all demons going in the that house thought 2 b haunted blind-folded my fist folded taking a deep breathes feeling the pressure build. Face 2 Face with u finally this is the end...May I b let in 2 the heavens as I give up my ways of sin...

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