Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Away From It All

 Trying not to be blinded by my rage but utilize it with pure concentration. I have urges to see whats after this life when the hellfire passes and a path is made for to walk upon. Blood thirsty towards my enemies I have no compassion nor do I desire to show any kind of remorse in this snake pit of a world.

 I cannot truly express my hatred, this sickness is overwhelming deeply felt within my soul. As the days go by I become even more colder. Looking for peace in my heart I set fire to the leaf and engulf my self in smoke recollecting my thoughts. Craving murder to all those that have wronged me heartless actions introduced me to a corrupted mind.

 Pressure continues to build when people walk pass me. My dark aura is felt as I gain energy from the rays of the sun.  On everything I love I would lunge right in to danger to protect my loves ones in addition my respect is all I pledge to keep against the vicious two face persons.

 Plotting individuals I can sense the regin you wish to bring forth to me. No longer wanting to be around any form of foolishness. As I grown I embraced life on more serious levels spitting directly in the face of these devils.

I speak of evil consistently cause thats all I witness in these everyday missions to obtain more income is the sinister things humans beings do on a regular basis all for the root of evil. All I want is to be able to excel from the ruins I have been left with all actions that were taken I can only point the finger at thy self.

There is never a day I don't take my weapons off the shelf. To murder with a justifiable cause clots my mind seeing all these demons fry before my eyes.  Reacting with my anger is all I know to keep those with trickery up from around me.

 Always seeing my kindness be took as a form of weakness. In these days of deception and nights filled with crime and firearms ringing in the air.  These weeks, months,days and years are all a blur to me still active in these realms feeling I don't belong in this time and universe. Since I have no choice but to strive and live on with a deep ambition to disappear just to be a entity in the wind guiding those close to me with my eternal love and care.

When I look in the mirror I don't see the same person as I once seen. No one is completely clean but I rush towards my fears with a immaculate stare with hopes to see my blessing alive and clear. No time for tears I just digest my sorrow and look forwards to better tomorrows.

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