Tuesday, July 9, 2013

To Prevail.

 Still on my verge of unlocking my dreams. Now that I mention that statement my dreams are only vision of what I truly desire to reach in my progression to become royal with a mind filled with pain making me torn. I look up to the skies with a heart filled with grief so I construct words to teach. A optimistic drive is no longer felt watching these days go by in fast pace embracing more realms denied by the positivity in my mind suspend in time.

 The question is will I continue to live and dwell in misfortune up in the dawn awaiting dusk rushing pass these weeks. My only true comrade is my misery as I endure the reign it evolves to continue to be persistant with no direction to correct my sins.

 Smoke surrounds me calming my spirit eyes red with the frustration passed down to me by my enemies  In this world you can't trust even your closes friends cause at the end of the road its all about self.

  Alone in my quest to come some what closer to my ambitions to but my family in a better lifestyle where struggling to survive wouldn't be so much of a battle. A sight stays with me to one day present my dear and caring parents with a castle. Blessings finally in attendance with a steady income to provide for them like they have done for me in my upbringing growing towards a true position of manhood.

  I have become condition to believe that situations will only grow more evil. Thoughts will only become more sinister as the night takes over. To feel a sense of true peace is a ambition to be realized but I can not seem to keep a firm grip.

 I keep a weapon on me to evade the demons screaming at me. Without any hesitation if my back is against the wall I will murder and bath in their motivation to introduce me to my downfall.

 Twenty-four with a passion to explore as my life goes on. I know that my focus won't leave me astray as I put me knees to the ground and pray for better days. Suffering is a part of the way humans beings live searching for a destiny that doesn't involve the souls the mighty serpent possessed.

 Pressure makes me want to explode with rage no mercy for those delivering crooked smiles. I in a rush for you back stabbers to pull the trigger so I can absorb your ammunition and hurl it back with all my hatred with no intent to show remorse then they will disappear similar to the depiction of a ghost.

 I studied the ways of the wicked approaching danger completely senseless to over throw those that oppose me with horrific intentions still in posture active and unpredictable in mind leaving them in the midst of the their corruption only to fly beyond my rivals who I view as devil sent.

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