Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Angel Bearer Of Pain

 The inevitable reasoning of failure can never be questioned but will always prevail. I must admit it has become even more of a difficult quest to keep and maintain happiness. No one to blame but myself for the fate that is presented to me. Reality always seems to murder your dreams so I am just remaining to be a heartless solider forever in warfare I'm corrupted by violence.

 Calm peace only continues to be a desire that in my sense will never be truly embraced. No reaction in addition no remorse felt for those that have wronged me. Paradise is not a actual place to visit but only a mere feeling that fades in the dark for things with positivity have a tendency to never last forevermore.

 So patient and quiet deep in my own visions traveling throughout my mind.  Knowing these wicked omens will come to me in due time.  A drive to do what I never imagined in life continues to drive me down and yet I wonder why do I put all my faith in situations only to be hurt by the fire that burn to shine vividly.

 I pray alone wondering will the agony swallow me.  Staring at death cursing if for taking its time. The true relieve to have all that is embedded within be released as I close my eyes for my eternal rest.

Times that are pure continued to be treasured.  To finally be free will be true elation I can invest in my heart for all to see. I will be one with the stars and sky when that faithful day comes for me to embrace. What is it else to see I'm just in a rush to be away from misery in a realm of silence no pressure felt just memories of my spiritual essence.

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