Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Burn The Book.

  Another chapter closed skimmed a few pages to avoid the tension in my mind ignoring the fact that I have read this book before. When trust is put in to play a fatal energy is created for those that crave to feed off misfortune with no control over it.  Loyalty is played with once again, I will not have my time nor emotions played with furthermore my life dictated by the likes of you.

  Everyone swears they have all the answers but never walked a mile in the shoes of those that come close to there trails and tribulations and cope with the pain. Love is not practiced and treasured like how it use to when it had a meaning. Where you could admire someone and not feel like you don't even exist the feelings are always intact an if there was a change of heart they would know how to detach.

  All you have in this world is your self to truly depend on when the wind blows past to cast the fallen leaves to the sky. Its up to thy self to protect the soul cause its for the taking and these demons won't leave you be its a must they be exterminated with no remorse. When the wicked corrupt the heart only that heart can free its self from calamity.

  Nothing changes just the individuals you encounter but its remains to be the same passage told on and on. To not overwhelm my self with hate is my biggest test as I stress to be respected and loved by a heart that believes in me and will continue to transfer blood to the vessel never providing failure at any cost.

 Seems like all they ever do is lie and mislead you,but I won't be foolish any longer and fed in to confusion about my self. Honesty and understanding will set me free. In addition when your open with arms filled with love they get a adrenaline rush to murder you when your at your best never when you most likely can handle and stand the reign they always know when to do it like they have a sense for strain.

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