Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kalila: Dearly Loved

  In some eyes it seems to be a terrible sight to see. Youthful and beautiful with so much ahead of her yet she becomes pregnant at age sixteen. The stress continues to clot her mind the agony of the molestation breaks the very spirit each passing day.

 Wheres her directions came close to a drug lord erection looking for sexual satisfaction and place where she could be loved and be protected.  Although I know you may wonder about her age and promiscuity. Her elegant hair flows in the air, bless with a beautiful brown complexion and eyes so remarkable the coldest of hearts would suddenly become warm.

  Witnessing her driving her self down from the countless beatings and rapes delivered by her step father who in actually really had no desire to care only to set a violent fire. The body of a women with the mind of child still developing a means in this world of grime.

  No love from her mother cause she embraces the lifestyle of heroine baffled in her depression of longing for affection from a man. The way she continued to carry her self in the future no other man had a desire to show they care. Eyes bloodshot red, health withering away selfish thinking made her daughter run astray.

  Its seems that we have another educated run away, although she prays its killing her inside that she can't make peace and simply fly away. Still being mislead by the destructive ways of the dealers being penetrated continuously heart filled with grief sleeping on the cold concrete selling her soul every day just to make ends meet surviving on these murder and drug infested streets. 

 What to her surprise not being wise about her health numerous encounters with wicked men putting her upon a shelf. She proceed to play with the flickering flames within developing a murderous sickness transmitted a disease and now you only hear her name in the wind Kalila which means dearly loved. If this was the matter that she was dearly loved then her soul would still be with us and not burning in sin.

 I wrote this to say I see allot of educated beautiful women take a path of destruction. If us as men don't help our women grow in this world. Our Mothers,Daughters, Sisters, Nieces, Aunts etc. We won't have a vast and astonishing future to look forward to cause women create life in the likeness of the creator self.- Abronazine Matchitehew

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