Thursday, September 12, 2013

Immune To Fire

  Devils in my soul but yet I yearn for a new found success.  Deep in my heart I maintain the though of being blessed. To create a better world for those that are born with less this is my motivation. Although I'm possessed by all the evil around me I no longer want to live in a mere shadow of deception.

 Verses I construct to conduct the souls. Its all about the transformation of energy in my eyes. Alone with a heart filled with the destruction presented to me in my struggle to embrace pure happiness. I won't flee nor go astray cause I see the sinister smile with such a glory as I approach my downfall.

  I will arise when the sun is reborn continuing to guide all of the galaxies.  Who what have ever though I would be selling my life wasting my craft. A purpose I had to regain cause I vowed to fight but I fought blind losing direction of my cause.

 I felt the hell fire and let my flesh burn only to be immune to the catastrophic scorching. To to endure this with a soul gone no longer intact with my vessel was the real test to be conquered.

  The late night awakens as I lose sleep reaching new levels of insanity. Bleeding out all my misfortune praying for that day I touch the sky truly embracing peace. I see all my dreams come crashing down seeking for a matter of pleasure and peace. Feeding in to the deeds that could get me murdered but yet I go closer to the flame absorbing game in the hands of the creator.  Never pictured living life in this direction would give me a ticket to my own demise only if you let it..

 I will have the last laugh when I cheat death spewing all the hatred back from those that never had intentions seeing me succeed. They are only preoccupied with their very own greed.  I came face to face with the devil and spit in his face and curse with violence for all the hellish times that plague me.

Truth made me become stronger yet I will never be the same for changes only make people react to whatever they are introduced to but if you find your self with too much strain on your mind nothing else to purse but the moment of letting go and going forward to growth.

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