Thursday, October 3, 2013

They Gather To Feed.

  You seen through the fact that I no longer wanted to be alive to breath another breath lost and delirious. What will this wickedness lead to a pursuit of agony is my assumption evading my enemies thoughts of them seeing my body bleeding convulsions releasing my body from my soul out from these on going fatal wars.

  Now that I reevaluated my mind the pictures developed in though are more clear. I embrace the evil behold the devils souls filled with hatred with desires to absorb a negative charge and equip it at their disposal to unleash destruction.

  So I remain heartless don't fake kindness I see the hell in their smiles. Money was the motivation but Lucifer took me underground when I felt I need to satisfy my thirst. Smoke engulfed in my lungs every passing moment I toke solely for the purpose of destroying those painful thoughts of letting all be and coming to face with gun smoke was no more by self execution or choice.

  I find myself consistently living in my regrets shouting out at the world sounding off similar to the thunderous drums and vibrant sounds of the chimes conducting its musical within the guidance of the wind. This is the storm that follows me in these days where I can't go astray from the danger and I'm force to keep my weapons on display a slave to the merciless but they quake with fear in my presence and bow in the aftermath.

 Exercising my mental praying to be lead forth to the greatest decisions then dwelling in the worst when these nightmares become a reality. Paranoid cause I have to adapt quickly to the circumstances delivering stress upon me I want to walk in the rays of the sun but I continue to be lead deeper in to the darkness pretty soon no one will could envision me shining.

 This isn't meant for anyone to understand but to gain reinsurance that this is simply a manuscript to deliver a solution. A foresight of what will be ahead in dreadful times sacrifices made to attain survival through combat strategies. This became my biblical source faith in the warlords praying that they will assist me as I approach foolishness with a organized violence.

 Studying how my ancestors before me shook free from the grasp while traveling in the abyss.Am I suppose to react passively in a non confrontational nature but I never let down from battle instead walked away from these cursed battle grounds harnessing what remains with me to submerge and show the rage of these demons within in me is what they crave to see.

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