Thursday, October 3, 2013

These Clouds Rain Blood From Above..

   I can continue to speak on my advisories and the misery that follows me but inside the hearts of all there is so much more to this realm that has been not given with such sweet intentions, but through the progression of collected hardships.

  To live so fast pace guides me to numerous directions forever level minded. Steady on the tight rope climbing the stairs ways to heaven. At times I am dragged down to the abyss but I only submerge to take on the flames that tried to disintegrate me.

 A rising Phoenix embedded on my chest symbolizing that one day liberation will be reached. Honor will be defended but I have no honor when educating the oppressor of all finical meltdowns genocidal atrocities,wicked murderous left innocent souls now labeled forgotten fatalities.  All these things affecting the order of life penetrating with chaos.

 My truest views of the world my compassion to inspire a great nation that only grew stronger in the midst of the applied hatred. Where do we go from here is the questions that dawns on me every second trying to find myself through evading their miseducation methods.

 Maintaining with a dying hope people could picture it suicide but I lace my boots and forward march. Heart corrupted so I spark and release my mind and embedded in a plain of tranquillity. The heaven I envision to calm my mind is the journey I wish to embark.

A aware conscious is  built to make a mockery of all the lies that fueled the government brainwashed demonized society. Admissions to the darkest depths of hell will be achieved stress factors build up in a state of emergency Where I have to make them bleed before they try to infiltrate on progression, but the final question is will they follow me?

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