Thursday, October 3, 2013

To Practice Soaring.

 The bear of burdens yet I keep a smile head in alignment to my focus.  The midst of the atrocities that continues to strive for a firm grasp on my destiny.  The lessons of life we bleed through our every day trials knowing in heart the beauty of the struggle gave birth to a meaningful destined success.

 Willing I can not ignore the gravity of staying alive. Hatred makes individuals think the obscene conflict erupts thus a murderous passion lurks in the darkness seeping in your dreams. Only to evade and progress in rage when the smoke settles all will be understood.

 Applying the teachings from my elders at the best of my abilities attacking with wrath in a concentrated mind staying centered within my soul

Survival is the most vital tactic in this war. Vastly I know the pressures of the world very well I ignore all regrets and mange relationships with the true ambitions universally in my hands.

Comprehension embedded to excel even more beyond imagination viewed in past moments developing my third eye watching my inner self arise.

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