Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tears Of Blood

 My dreams can't manifest a means of income in the hell I endure my intentions excel more sinister levels overwhelmed by darkness as my neighborhood violence increase. The ambition that I once felt is dying ever so gradually.

Being told that love will guide you astray from the agony and strain but love is only a mere satisfaction only given by choice and treasured by the loyal souls that proceed to grow relentlessly in the storm of the climate.

 Pressure continued to fill the space how long will I be able to live legally struggling to find a uplifting motivation that will help me soar far and beyond. Never to look back to the misfortune that plagues my mind.

 They could never comprehend waking up in sweats hearing the gun shots rang out on the block murder lurking in the air. Knowing I have to travel being blind to living in fear. Vivid dreams of taking my family by the hands in to the heavens that I fantasize of forever yearning for those peaceful moments where the insecurities of this world no longer matter.

 Walking towards these devils not aware of the harm they wish to pursue but I won't turn my back nor the other cheek I use the moon and stars to transform my circumstances from bitter to sweet.

 To erase all of the schemes the government has given to the nation of once though as hopeless beings. We all know the suffering exists but what can truly be done when there is no room any longer to beg and plead.

 Sleep doesn't play a factor when stress is deeply embedded in your chest praying for that change in time where I can unleash all my frustrations and finally but it to rest.

 Never expected for individuals to realize the cursed birthdays, times where nourishment is scares but compensation to the higher authorities are alive and well.  Can you really guarantee me success with this college degree? Can they give me reinsurance that my love ones won't have to feel no more grief? Murdering a people while we stay in a trance wishing for a answer for the promises they vowed to keep.

 I ponder on what is the truest definition of education although I remain still numb in a desperate progression to elevate my soul harnessing all my patience. Witnessing my future collapse with wicked intentions of slaying the demons that continue to convey a downfall for me to become comfortable with. So with my talents in mind and weapons in hand I remain fully equipped not showing any compassion for the corrupted and rich.

As I cry these tears of blood I want to envision a new destination for those that loved me unconditionally. Staying away from the fatal that welcome a world of sorrow no explanation delivered producing more misery.

I watch all of those that envy constructing a misleading path, taking my kindness for weakness becoming more ill in mind frame.  Figuring if I end it all with a bullet in my head no more felt anguish to reminisce. Living in complete silence is my desired bliss I deal with it all knowing I would break the hearts of many I suppose I would be truly missed.

 Call me insane for my suicidal thoughts but watch your heart and see if you could come to terms with the punishment and withstand throughout the mental torture alone with no direction to go I just want to sail so I fight with aggression for lucifer disciples to let me go.

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