Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Seeing Through A Souls Reflections...

 When the smoke clears my eyes still remain with the burning agony from the frustration and tears. Struggling to find a means to survive being haunted for the mistakes that won't let me rest in the rain. I had pure ambition to embrace wealth in enormous amounts not knowing how I was going to obtain that lavish life.Had to wake up and embrace reality and do away with childish dreams cause the reality is Im in a losing battle trying not to be a extreme fatality.

 Keeping afloat with so many devilish intentions within pondering on the fact if I have to commit to sin.My sister in my heart  telling to me fight violently against the temptations of being weak. While my mother steady in my mind guiding me through the aggression. I feel my destiny is a overwhelming darkness  cause I was once blinded by uneducated fools, I just want to go astray. My father pulling me from detrimental situations when hell came to write off my death certificate he replaced his replaced my name with his upon the contract. So Im truly grateful, so I struggle in my attempts to find a beautiful way to compensate my loves ones back..

  No drive to be political cause the color of my skin doesn't shape well with society and everyday I have to find different ways to calm the ferocity face to face with the individuals with two faces changing places seeking to feed off my hatred. I feel the firm grasp of lucifer upon my soul. When I speak of the devil I'm not referring to this man made creation brought forth throughout generations to control a people with frivolous uncensored lies.

 And then when my faith is depleted what other outlet can I approach trying to seek a place where my mental can be clear. A moment to destroy all my fears for I have longed for silence as I'm surrounded by stares cause I have become so cold within what do they except when your living in a life where every where you turn misfortune is awaking always on time and never in a moments rest.

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