Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Letter For Akasha

 Your anguish inside only created notions to protect your soul against your foes. As I seen your growth throughout the years our friendship transformed and for your loyalty I pray that you see blue skies and the stars continue to shine evermore guiding you through the darkest nights. Even when you feel fright I will be your might, your incentive to prevail all obstacles even if it comes to where I have to have weapons in hand and lay down any man that defy your grace let this be know they will embrace all my levels of venom to hell is where I'll send them.

  The intelligence you posses drives your spirit longing for a exceptional life inspires me to strive  towards higher magnitudes side by side with my blood I can never envision us to lose.  I reminisce smiling witnessing you fall in love all over again being blessed with a beautiful son in these strenuous times eliminating the wicked intentions brought towards you remaining divine with a genuine benevolence no one could ever deny.

 Through it all my loyalty will be here in any moment of urgency,maybe just then the agony will disappear briefly and possibly permanently go astray. Im truly grateful for the companionship we share cause at times I felt like picking up a nine loading it with bullets and expanded my mind you gave me words to comfort my corrupted soul putting my aggression at ease. Always delivering confidence within in me so for you I will do that very same for eternity.

  With that invested inside my heart will carry you on throughout the hardships that plague your mind.  The angels know above that we struggle living and fighting off demons that lurk behind every turning corner.  I know its difficult to go on but keep in mind through these times of war that you live for your growing solider and continue to nurture him so that he will be able to defend the honor of his mother and him self.  

 This is the significance that will always be felt when you breath he breaths and the love given to him will make him reach high for the sun to always know peace within for his mother. Through him you live on and his legacy will become to bless his generation of a new breed of honorable men. When the sons of the mothers become men the teachings will only deliver strength a respect to where he knows the importance of women like you. That seems to have the odds against her but in return knowing the love for her child these ambitions in the soul to succeed always managed to pull through.

Dedicated to Akasha & Malachi

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