Saturday, April 19, 2014

In These Lifestyles (Times Of The Reckless&Endangered).

  I can't remain true to myself knowing inside that I put on a smile to keep away from the questions. Only a chosen few really are sincere with concern it's all about money in this life of fake smiles, forced  laughter and disloyalties as the pages of life continue to turn. Maybe in time all that I prayed for will become clear forcing my willpower through the confusion. I'm not asking to be forgiven cause deep inside my soul I know my actions where fallacious but to be understood struggling to make a means of the tribulations I go through.

  Who would ever though I would gain control from those dark intentions that circle my mind searching for answers through my divine rhymes. I wasn't blind just could care less about the next tomorrow fed up with starving but yet I continue with begging and borrowing. 

  The aggression builds with no outlet to release the evil piercing my very soul so I can only reflect on being cruel and cold.  My attempts to restore my faith with the angels above has died suspend in hard times as I linger through the darkness praying to see a escape at the end of the lifestream. Lost in my passion with no positive thoughts to produce when the spirit is enraged seeking for a moment to be sedate and then still my blood boils and my heart quakes.

  Who really knows what the future holds where young men and women turn heartless in these hardships left to battle with the inner self. Now more then ever I  know that all is lost so I'm weary of people telling me to find hope within the cross. The miscommunication has been modified for the opulent to seek a bright circumstances while those that know suffering very well  cope with the endless misfortune living in situations to take care feeding off their lavish dreams forever in a quest to find that never dying devotion.

   Continuously in a state of animosity feeling the detrimental rage cause honestly I don't know where else to go so I hope with these poems I construct inspiration flows for generations to come through  these scriptures.  Let it be know to the creator if I'm herd cause I'm aware of your presence I'm just undecided on which way I should go cause each passing day more sinister thoughts absorb my mind frame in the end I'm the only one to blame. Freedom is what I strive for in its purest state and from never to be mislead by delusional antics living my life in vain.

 To evade these paths of corruption indulging in wicked games got my body embedded in flames then a rush overwhelmed my spirit once more being introduced by hatred frustration became. I know I will only be labeled as insane cause of my belligerent nature but living in these times its either do or die or prepare to fry to never be aligned. 

 Happiness is only a vibrant addition of desolation so I exist with a emotionless passion. Always being aware of my surroundings until the time I am reunited with my royalty where the only motive is to achieve traditional greatness to be a consistent projection of all those that continued to display all levels of intense hostility I guess I will never be truly free until I rest in peace.  

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