Saturday, April 19, 2014

W.A.R. (World Annihilation Reaches).

 In the battlegrounds I have to be alert and one with sound the most vicious will creep and executes plots.

My obedience to the arts of war are grand applying intense degrees on my cerebral I can only meditate and attempt to be sane. Wisdom passed on to me, a process of maneuvering and switching methods of intelligence. I listen and observe being conscious seeking to embellish on the dreams I have for my loves ones to carry on finding the patience within.

Impersonators claiming when the torture commence they will be at the ready upon the frontline blind with a passion to die with no sense of morals and knowledge. I drink the blood of my enemies from this chalice not to become one with the evil but for those that opposed me will burn in the success of my elevation.

 I won't quiver in fear in the murder lands I reside within cause no matter where you stand the higher authorities have already planted their land mines in advance. My very own right for self defense is proven to be irrelevant but my though process is beyond these american laws set for my kind. I'm suppose to be passive but I refuse to not show retaliation if I don't pursue my faith the government masses won't hesitate to put me in mental strain its a must I find a way to break away from these shackles and chains.

 My only truest and deepest desires is to protect my family and loves ones from harm so I pray to resurrect my positive intentions wishing for this energy to be carried on. I stare with a blankness so if you can't relate you will see no form of progression in figuring me out. 

 For I'm beyond this universe and when my face kiss the hearse my legacy will begin in many forms of rebirth. When the devil decides to attack I'll react and snap back taking the knives the demons inflicted upon my flesh making sure I introduce unbearable strain with the very same weapons to make them feel the same anguish they relentlessly sent to me I'm promise these tarnished souls they won't be able to compete.

Lets be completely truthful about it all where in this world ever step forward you take creates another form to embrace a downfall. Living to live putting my all in something I loved was a fatal error cause when all is said and done I was covered by snakes, vicious individuals that once had compassion got  me sadistically laughing all I want is for their deaths to be tragic. 

 Never knew the most high was by my side but I continued to control all these murderous vibes inside I vow to excavate my self out the grave that was sent for me cause my spirit won't let me die without purpose I can only ascend to tranquility. In their eyes I am suppose to remain ignorant of my lineage seeking for my beginning and end. 

 But yet cause I don't comply to their religions I'm a threat they claim all we do is sin but what about survival will they then be able to commend? A child of the sun sent from the heavens with a heart burning fueled by the deception of my advisories. 

 Secrets of extraordinary factions I embrace to control my new found hate as I watch its evolution take its place. Only aggression will free me and take me to levels to escape being reformed is the plan and my motives are to desecrate for this is W.A.R. and life is only deception revealing two sides to a tale I'm promise to those that may it possible for me to breath today I will only excel.

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