Tuesday, April 29, 2014


   Never felt like I had room to complain all I do is ingest the intensity of strain. What does a well manner heart matter at one moments notice I continued to drown my self in smoke and lost all focus.  I don't except to be rewarded at all cause misfortune is my only companion deep inside the misery which is me so after all the explanations are said and done I fell beneath the ground reaching different levels of hell now all I see is smoke and fire before me.

  They can all witness the evil I speak of but truly ignore the kind nature I posses that I try to display even throughout all the stress. All Individuals will only take heed to what they feel is imperative to them erasing all the recored memories within the film.

   It becomes more of a struggle to make things ever so clear, deep down inside I see the lost souls eternally shedding tears. Desiring a free mind and spirit praying that one day I will be able to become one with peace. I shouldn't have fought so wild my sick intentions produces evil smiles cause I feel the snakes creeping within feeding off my frustration.  When I became further educated at last I was able to break free from all the darkness that cloud my mind.

  They will never comprehend my nature to afraid to embrace the truths I sought for every since I was put on this hellish earth. I let them continue to be blinded by my hatred. When all is done and I can finally rest no more obscene agony will be embedded in my chest all these shackles I'll have the strength to break them and laugh with elation.

  Its likes I'm awaiting for the devil to open its door will I be misconstrued beating to a bloody mass cause of the skin color I posses. Will I have to embrace fatal shots to the face and neck because this world isn't  for someone of the likes of me of royal african descent. Am I too paranoid or any different from the merciless fatalities that come about through the evil minds of corrupt leaders and vicious law enforcements. Bullets travel through the flesh of innocent men but how am I wrong if I inflict violence on those hearts of men that wanted to introduce me to sin..

 This is the painful reality people chose to ignore so I soar beyond their close minded thoughts. Even though I was suppose to be condition with their desired manuscript I burned it with the fire of the devils they summoned to encrypt my scared ancestry.

 May the heavens above bless me in a righteous way cause there is no telling if I will make it to the next day with all the insanity of men,the disloyalty of women, the corruption of children. With all the adversity invested so many people try to live their lives and remain true to their traditions using the power of reminiscing to carry them through, with a never dying incentive and yet have to be aware of their souls being put in submission.

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