Thursday, July 3, 2014

Words Embeded In My Shadows

  What am I to feel? In these desperate circumstances before me. I commence to back to back smoking seeking for closure of the frustration inside of me but evil continues to override my soul. Knowing that I will never come to terms in the hopeless pit of fire I reside inside. Im bitter inside cause all I desire is to protect my family and elevate to higher levels but Im consistently being dragged deeper down to mingle with sinister devils.

 Making sense of it all only brings more confusion for these enigmas I see gives me admiration to let live and flee from the unhealthy thoughts. Throughout these scriptures driving my will to face honor in ones self. To finally become one with the dreams that once crowded my mind this is when I could go back and understand the positivity I once felt.

 Only those close to me know my true sorrow, exchanged in conversation but only dissipates in transactions of warfare tales. Life became my worst enemy with a rapid fire force the aftermath has not left me completely my skin still remains scorched. 

 Be mindful of the the relaxation of love the satisfaction can turn you horrid in the times of wicked. People trust withers thin in the malicious blood that represented strength in its own unique display only to view premeditated murder of orchestrated intentional harm. 

 I watched the warlords before me struggle within the battle of balancing positive and negative speaking to my inner soul. I can only remain cold lost motivation forever patient and dedicated. Perception feeds while people collect the appearances. It is only the true brilliance we all continue to blind our selves from seeing that will  forcing ones with misguided courage to step back.

 In all faith and honesty all will show negligence against your will until its attractive to their eyes. A pure burning sensation overwhelming to the heart allowing for the energy to forward march. You can only fight even in your moments where you feel totally petrified of how the outcome will present its self and yet the only option is to obtain the weapons off the shelf.

Cause even when Im feeling I am in the fire range of the sniper I regenerate from the sick and twisted rates, praying to acknowledge all those that have given a blind hate allowing them to pursue in action without reinsurance of their mistakes, ignorance and evil they create..

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