Monday, August 4, 2014

Abandoned Shelter.

 Throughout it all they could never hear the sound of my heart being broken. I'm alone on this road that I have chosen.  Always in a rush to hear the secrets that have never been spoken. Feeding of the pure essence of commotion in a consistent battle to find my truest notion. Dreaming for a hope that is rarely seen my hunger grows to embrace its unrevealed questions I console in my heart.

 I trust in the higher beings to guide my soul to eternal happiness to discover a means of life. The will to survive and conquer the malicious spirits within. Although at times I forget to be appreciative for what I have cause my desires only become more vivid to seek for more and create for generations to come to bask in its greatness children of the elemental over lords.

 What do we live for to explore the trails of war and war is only represented as life disguising its self  in many forms continuously testing our might.

 Reflections in the mirror don't remain the same as I maintain to preserver through the pain,the emptiness I feel inside make my guardians above me cry and in this moment I praise the heavens above cleansing me from animosity consuming me amongst their sorrow filled tears.

 In its purest realism it can be described as peculiar for eyes that have not yet been awaken by its presence. When the opportunity arise I will reach and firmly grasp to never look back at the misfortune thats crowds me searching deeper in my soul to be one with the echoes of harmony.

Steadily asking my self could this be my test, do they know of they anguish reproducing its self lethal embedded fragments in my chest. Was I to be a lost soul watching the evil before me turning my appearance relentless and cold.

 These desires I hold close to me will hopefully bring forth understanding as it remains life is to be. I fought in my past days marching beyond the distant sun awaiting to embrace my own clarity.  The glory was once in my eyes and till the end I must motivate my self to try until these dreams are brought to a reality of this warriors mind frame which destined only to direct upon these skies.

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