Monday, August 4, 2014


 Waking up to see another day,wishing that the gods above would simply lead me astray to a better place where I can reconnect with my soul and mind. Its a must that I find salvation throughout these wicked times can these feelings be aligned even if its for a brief moment. All that I have worked for I have allowed to be stolen now it is time that I reclaim my ownership. Each day protecting my self becomes more vital others search for faith within their bibles. While I seek for a more authentic understanding knowing one day it will be free to utilize and just hopefully I will be able to manage.

  Is this my fate,there has to be a means of change to play in these roles. Can I really be blamed for my heart turning cold. Redemption is what I long for, A heart compatible with mines is what I pray for, a love that can withstand the wickedness that can be controlled by the heart is what I dream in my motionless meditation.

 Wind I ask of you to carry me away I notice the sun brush my body allowing me to see another day. I can no longer figure out how to construct a righteous mind when I hear the sounds of destruction creating its bitter melody inside my mind. Its one thing to deserve greatness but it will never be delivered without misfortune and stress. Never the less I confess to let go of the demons inside my soul that wont give me a moments rest.  Understanding that my past actions have created my future but I will not let up in my faith and allow my self to be distracted by confusion.

As I wonder of how things will come and what they will be presented to be. I let my eyes be burned by the rays of the sun to erase all of the mischief I have done and seen.  This is redemption and all those have a will to see will be set free to go beyond the stars reach even if your past lingers to haunt you when awaken you will no longer be blind to what you once could not see.

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