Monday, August 4, 2014

Freedom Won't Reign

 Knowing those that view every poem I construct ponder if my incentive is only comprised by suicidal thoughts. In my replies how can I ignore the pain from the misfortune that was brought before me wishing that every word I write and speak won't be presented blindly in vain.

 To seek for a new form of ambition upon these wicked times can make those weak in the mind loose control and fold amongst the powers that are political. I'm grateful to be alive and well in my strive to be one with the blessings. Simplicity in life is no longer breathing if it ever was in a sense of living it was locked away only to truly go astray from its traditional essence.

 People continue on losing more and more options as the clouds above tells its stories to the spirits that watch over our souls. Driving us to not become cold within being followed by deprivation of resources in these lifestyles of evil men.  Survival is ever more vital on a quest to be guided towards peace surround by destruction.

 Trust continues to be the fatal rival of lust putting those in a trance forgetting what proves to be imperative to everyday life which is a consistent practice of loyalty. Betrayal is always rearing its methodology of atrocities becoming ever so diligent causing those with a righteous mentality to react in a state of belligerence. 

 What was though of to be heaven sent only becomes consumed by the ways of the american militant. In arguments of what is fair this is the last of anyones concern when in a position of uncontrollable power and greed this creates a bloodlust to see those already suffering burn. Struggling is a main factor in my life a period to gain stability is what I would like not to be battered by my very own sorrow praying for wellness to show in the shadows of the moonlight. Stress is always here with me all I wish is to grow and break away from the insanity.

  Lessons gained  in my everyday reflections are that others will be cared for before those within this nation. So to educate ones self of survival is even more imperative it is not wise to put faith in corrupt leaders, attention seekers,revenue analyzers,political science endeavors for they only crave to be praise like the new age caesar.

 Those that pledge the red,white and blue only represent the wealthy and those that can do with a means of power to climb on the backs of the forgotten. Lies will provide the grounds, while the pressure of obtaining income will impact the prison systems forcing low income families to reach out at any means giving individuals thoughts of how they use their endangered liberty. Is this freedom? An yet this is suppose to be the home of the brave when all I witness is the cowardly hearted running forth to be blind and enslaved.


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