Monday, August 18, 2014

The Gift

 My heart steadily racing with anticipation awaiting for that glorious moment to be reborn. Eyes blinded by hatred my mental frame continues to be scorn from the horrific thoughts that surround me. Its a deadly struggle to keep faith within seeming like all the troubles of the world brings me a step closer to corruption and sin. I long to remain focus throughout the storm I know the clouds will part allowing the sun to replenish my strength.  This god given talent of writing keeps me sedated as I pray for my lost soul to gain direction when I'm faded.  I became familiar with those sleepless nights, but when I'm able to meditate I'm grateful for all the agony I contain fuels the fire to ignite my dreams.

Remaining silent knowing that all my attention perceives its self to be negative but I know inside I have the incentive to transcend. Ignoring all of the nightmares and I'm so appreciative to have a peaceful rest and finally be away from the anguish I feel deep in my chest.

Aware of the destruction before me because of my complexion this is something that cannot be simply driven away cause in the end demons arise from hell to slay. It's imperative that I am knowledgeable of the mischievous actions individuals wish to commit. The creator watches over me even when I feel as though the presence its not felt I suddenly feel enlightenment in it's purest form which is hope.

To the future generations please maintain even in fear, know that the sinister masses will try to stir your emotions for their desired form of laughter.  Those with broken wings dreaming of a happily ever after longing the day their wings will mend and the ambition to kiss the sky will relinquish all of the suffering that blends with chaos.

What are we going through? Why all that is once though as important lost its gravity. I'll fly away and never look back to the commotion that strives to bother me no more memories of those that wish to lie to me. Alive in its on beauty and grace where the most joyful of men protect our women and children this is the heaven I seek. To uplift my family and love ones and treasure what is to be labeled gods gift.

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