Friday, August 22, 2014

The Elegance In Progression.

 Although I find it missing, I reconnect with my inner ambitions at last it is at its most that I don't lose focus upon being brief with my mission. Dreams only have growth when a consistent faith is applied. I am to familiar with the misfortune that surrounds me on a persistent basis. I spit back at these vicious demons with this potent venom I was laced with.

 On these battlegrounds there is no mercy for the weak at any moments rest your allies can be your most lethal enemy. So as my zodiac reads I struggle to stay balance channeling positive and negative vibes that penetrates the mind awaiting for my moment to arise. Visions of pure bliss to protect my honor and values I won't submit I fight diligently for my believes and my aim is accurate so I have no intentions to miss.

 Everyday this of race beings create and destroy searching for loyalty within the misconceptions,lies and betrayal. Absorbing lesson given the enlightenment can prove to put one's soul in suspended time.  I pray that my writings will be more meaningful then just constructed rhymes. In the madness those that process these methods can align with the truth.

 To be more then just a moment of pouring my heart out but embracing the true beautiful essence in self. I write to gain control when dealing with various reflections of anguish blended with frustration. Those feelings when inside I can no longer go on this is when I embrace a new found faith cause when one door closes time suddenly becomes frozen and its now your move to seek out resurrection embedded in the blessings.

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