Thursday, September 11, 2014

Will I Make It Out

  This is the end and I comprehend my consequences my rights violated now all I can feel is extreme hatred. I won't respect the authorities for I know the disgust that they have for me. Forever trapped as I remain in silence the evil men create make the strugglers become violent.  There will never be peace so before I lay me down to sleep I hope my soul can rest just another statistic on these murderous philadelphia streets.

My perception was my downfall and now I seek redemption for a grave mistake I was conflicted with, no longer in a wave of positivity I feel agony in large amounts laced with grief please creator take me away from my misery..

 To be free is when you can only envision times where you won't be labeled for all the negativity. Although I'm fortunate for the predicaments that were sent to me realistically I know that their will never be peace so I long for the moment when the lingering sorrow I have inside will finally deplete.

These are the moments and times where you wish you could go back to correct a mistake that proved fatal towards you future let alone you have to protect your self from every one even those that vow to protect and serve have strong desires to paint a picture of your blood upon the concrete.

 Never though that I would have to experience this fate forcefully being harassed with no way out I wanted to transform my aggressions but at the end of the road its seem that there is no way to escape this oppression. Please protect from the evil in this word for I am lost with no direction separating my self from the lethal bonds and longing from the calm endurance of resurrection.

 There will never be any progression for my kind,people suffer to survive in the most inhuman situations I'm losing my patients on these battlegrounds my will to go on is trying to fulfill its very destiny but there will be no more progression living in insanity but this is my fate and I can't let it get the best of me....

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