Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Judgement Awaits

  Lord I ask of you to protect me from harm feeling the pressure uncontrollable I can't help but to ring the alarm. They laugh and mock me with the wicked intentions I search for blessing deep in my heart with my angels as my witness. For I long for balance please let them be punished for their sinister nature and this is why this nation of beings scream we hate you. No justice felt but harassment is what I'm faced with just wishing that you could get a bitter taste of what you tend to forsake me with.

 Can I find direction upon my soul lost not knowing which way to go delivering grief towards my love ones for I only try to succeed in the midst of it all. I pray on my knees to figure out what came of this unrighteousness realizing that ignorance is pure bliss.

 This is the country that I live in and all I want to do is live freely without discrimination longing my judgement awaiting for my time to embrace true peace. I can't escape the pressures I feel inside aligning my soul with my spirit I stay strong and express my intelligence throughout these painful times hoping to bring clarity keeping my ear covered when the devil speaks in its native tongue trying to unleash it murderous rhymes. 

 To finally arise from the smoke when will I be approached I can't be content cause of the actions authorities take upon me so how will I find a means to cope. Can't imagine what my ancestors went threw nightmares of my body being presented to the world my neck around a noose my last words being unleash hell upon this racist world.

 I'm just as human as you are so the disrespect shouldn't be due I'm not over reacting these are the times I wasn't prepared for I want to bask in glory instead Im hunted and preyed on. When can I breath is death the only way out? I hope that when Im put to rest I won't have to be in the presence of evil men living life in this wicked world steady under surveillance. 

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