Thursday, September 18, 2014


  My deepest ambitions fuel me to erase all that wish to create harm before me. Lord knows I hate the demonic attentions creating clouds within my brain at times. I wish I could be slain so I can finally escape my sick intentions in my mind frame.  My appreciation in my times of meditations reflects my self searching for any means to uplift my spirits grabbing my weapons off the shelf.  Restoring my faith is imperative to me on all levels then they look at me wild with cold stares trying to study my nature. Applying my time writing words praying for the moment for them to shine upon and be labeled divine.

  Although I seek for companionship I stray away from my sweet memories investing them in my heart, indulging in the hatred that was given to me. Can't seem to figure why I let the evil sleep inside .Throughout all my pain I envision a moment where I'll arise to complete my purpose. I lose my self in the accountability of my mistakes, fallacious decisions that I made to feed the sin instead of scraping my plate. This is survival we all know that so even when we strive to hold the title of greatness will we forever be misconstrued when we had to make ends meet and rent was due trying to find a peaceful solution beyond the skies of blue.

 Promises are only made to give security wether it be momentarily or to be expressed in a valid time of longevity the strength we contain in our self can conquer us and mislead us when strength is not required attacking in a blind rage without focus.

 My damaged foundation I only dream to help my nation excel, I know the hellfire burns but I know I can overcome it and heal my self from the scorn. I long for the moment to fulfill my self with love and gain control of the storm and in this moment of calm peace I will be reborn.

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