Friday, September 19, 2014

Anticipation Of Reaching Heaven. (Praying For Change)

  I hope this generation the best as we endure throughout unexpected trials, a alliance of evil meant to set the future back. Who really cares they ridicule us for our valid complaints. I hear the angels above telling me that this ain't living who could really label those means to survive a lifestyle of sinning. I reminisce upon my truest memories to flee the troubles that follows me searching for its purpose only to be acknowledge by our flaws and not our traditional greatness represented with extreme amounts of hatred.

  No longer will I be your saddle this world could care less about me and my well being I must protect my self from the militant masses. I only wish to embrace currency to change the nightmare we live amongst. People live their lives high and drunk longing for direction in these lethal times, children ducking stray bullets while trying to find peace training their minds to make intellectual decisions and dealers search for a purpose in the evil they commit to wondering when they will embrace their last days.

 Everyday young mothers try to find peace inside developing methods to break away from the hurt  continuing to provide for their babies. Fathers locked away by the trickery of the system or making poor decisions to abandon their children from lack of positive role models in their lives.

 Those born with a silver spoon laughter stems within a horror watching as we kill each other over poison that was trafficked in to our already suffering communities. Can't explain the resentment that they have towards those that are different from them watching those brainwashed continue to blend in.

 Praying for change where I won't have to watch my back and those that want to create harm can gain understanding that if they continue upon this track they will miss the blessing our nation lacks.

 Dear America why do you hate me so? What about the people that strive to grow with dreams where children can enjoy the beautiful lessons of life learning from their mistakes and producing growth breaking away from the shackles of a corrupted fate. Allowing themselves to show progression in their missions to complete.

  Fearing what will come of us, but yet they say in god we trust but we live our lives in a consistent rush putting our selves in dangerous circumstances of the laws meant to be followed by their jurisdiction.

 What other choice are people born in to this world in poverty to do the non violent crimes that was done gave them a another day to feed and give to those that look upon them for shelter and care to strive sick of breaking promises vowing to always be there.

 Can't wait for the moment freedom will reign so I'll reach my focus when the creator opens its doors going astray from the agony not putting my faith in any religion knowing the most high will set me to unleash positivity towards my cursed soul.

 After all the lacerations I remain patient feeling my agony drive me to transform in to a more illustrious form feeling my spirit be released in the gust of wind set forth to deliver the blessings that remain with me and was always invested in the hearts of benevolent men.

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