Wednesday, September 24, 2014

American Nightmares In Reality.

 Was never fearful of reaching hell cause its already before me taking everything that was given absorbing all of the animosity. Knowing that Im so misunderstood getting a true taste of how cruel this world can really be. I shine but I still long for the calm peace to come in the presence of glory.

 Hoping inside I will be admired for my struggles being able to construct within battles of sin throughout this murderous land. People born in to opulence could never understand and I won't allow admissions they would have to walk in my shoes to comprehend the agony I feel inside every step is closer to a death sentence.

 Read between the lines a young african male behind enemy lines heart of a solider so I forbid my self to cry in these frustrating times. They can only see the sorrow but can understand the beautiful progression. The most has high giving me signs assisting me as I travel in all of the testing. Awaking from my resting to unleash my fury upon evil.

 My methods to acquire knowledge was far more different if they could take the chance to listen and not already deposit judgement. Resurrection is my vision in my desperate attempts to pull my self out that grave the motivation so potent cracking my tombstone finding my way out of the dirt with a lingering hurt.

 This is not how I though my life would be in my childhood years my dreams were so much more vivid but the stress I endure put me in a position to let go. Lost in my own mind balancing out my circumstance these are my abilities I hold as the seventh sign.

 I desire liberty but society wants to deliver death immortality is what I possess when life kissed me upon my forehead I felt the impact of merciful breaths conquer my lungs. My broken bones gained nutrition rebuilt, my flesh regenerated as my blood begin to flow.My second layer of lenses gave me sight my heart filled with ambition to live on in the grace of my ancestors I was reincarnated to deliver knowledge of the underworld.

 My reports contain knowledge of genocide,famine,war and the most sinister corruption that can be mentioned. I was blessed to come about from all of this when in the hellfire midst.  The racial tension fills the air I only know of the creator knowing showing care this can be explained as wickedness at its best.

The cries of motherless children clouded my mind some juveniles devoted to a life of crime to survive. Others living life trying to get a slice of this so called American dream father not around mother a heroine fiend selling her spirit to the devil mixture.

 This is horrifying who can you trust why do the youth have so much anger inside only having motivation to make their guns bust. Lord why do parents have to burry their children from corrupted authorities who doesn't value life not even of those who are struggling to one day be fortunate to reach adulthood and continue on their families legacy.

Crack vales and needless on the concrete, I smoke a cigarette feeling the breeze getting chills cause I can't imagine to what the future holds growing cold trying to remain bold grasping on to what is left of my very own soul.

 How can we change my people steady stuck in their ways I feel the grief deep inside reading this book of corrupted faith but my attention is there turing pages. Seeking for revolution wondering who is the next black male that they'll be shooting. Survival is every so vital, protection by any means they pledge to a flag they only wishes to see me bleed.

*Only God Can Judge Us*

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