Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Belief

 The preacher just as evil as these politicians in control of how people live their lives and what decision should be made only to be labeled a willpower built to be established by this constructed society. How can we call this place paradise when young children don't even have a opportunity to breath. No one listen to their souls any longer we struggle to kill the negativity.

 Broken families witnessing the corrupted fate before them, spending our funds in the most foolish manner. But who can I judge for I know everyone situations are different. Its utterly disrespectful the way people treat others with less then them. What does is mean to be truly blessed?

 Not to mention those in business suits selling a false hope to the nation of humans beings in which we see through all the deception and react with the deepest sorrow. I my self know that I can produce change a remnant that experienced the treachery and pain.

 Any man that vowed to give beneficial principals that could create true change has been murdered or set to rot in a prison cell.Or even more sinister managed to make progression with all the lies that was spread.  I ask you you devils what make your right to live so much more essential then mines.

 We live in the same hell yet you have everything at your disposal all because of a man mad trading factor with your ancestry posted all amongst it. Be it that we all live the by this means cause in actually this is key to survival even necessities sad to be spoken happiness depicting all your wildest desired treasures before you.

 Honestly I see no forms of hope so I cope with the agony and live on praying for my moment to finally be free. No one will see what you see unless they have a cycle to reenact the trails of the belittled. 

All the innocent souls still incarcerated under fire.

Your only reply is with blatant force obey my commands or I'll shoot. Embrace my ignorance and know your place in these wicked lands possessing the skin you have. Knowing inside there will be no hope for the youth there is never a moment to live comfortably make it to take chance to embrace lessons that will be worth a while.

Mayhem only breeds throughout the destruction only way for people to find a way to agree. Is to give what is owed and yet in this moment we will find a purpose to grow and lead.

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