Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lurking In Scilence I Finally Awoken.

What has the world come 2 ... I say

I shivered as I hear of senseless murders.

I guess being pure in spirit is not a desire that people wish 2 reach. Appreciating a being that will one day carry on your empire what you worked so hard 4 is not in though.

I ponder on y can any parent find it in their heart 2 have intentions on killing their own. I understand that back in those hellish times where my enslaved ancestors rather kill their continuation of their legacy b4 they would be labeled as cattle sent 2 work in the killing fields.

Can u invision hearing the weeping of the lost souls, innocent blood spilling shall the creator release his punishment. Tortured souls searching 4 a purpose another path 2 lead them from this disgust the scraps that was given 2 make sweet situations from bitter living conditions.

Faithfully approaching what awaits us trembling holding all what represent my sorrow. The future is held by the children the youth lacking the knowledge of their past blindly moving 4ward 2 their present with no sense of direction.

Who is 2 truly blame? Completely frozen solid reaching deep within 2 express and accumulate all that I yearned 4 2 bring me closer 2 truth lost expressions the management of emotions erupting anger as I see the evil gain justice so remarkable how they nation can b lead astray from the true focus meant 2 bring forth inspiration annihilate self hatred as all of gods children grow by the rays of the sun...

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