Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Evolving 2 Greatness

Awoken in the morning preparing 4 2days life struggles that I will have 2 encounter,

I just don't wanna keep making the same mistakes hatred in my heart, eyes bloodshot red burning with fury.

Lost searching 4 what life has 2 offer what more can I get out of this situation? I am trying 2 find another way out of this agony.

Passionately just wanna stay true 2 myself and I am pondering if I am 2 blame 4 my adversity. I feel I am sick because the frustration I gain an addiction 2 feeling hurt going 2wards the agony instead of away from it.

Dedicated 2 a better cause, blood rushing so many emotions that I can no longer contain I can only expose it at this limit. Feeling foolish,

I am told that this is just another life lesson I pray deeply 2 the creator 2 erase the anguish I feel inside at times I just wanna die fry in the flames and put it all 2 rest.

From now on I just wanna be aware of all the on coming traffic,the aftermath will bring u closer 2 results that will prove 2 build a desire 2 just end it all.

It's clear I just wanna cause harm 2 everything that cause me harm but I just keep reminding my self 2 let karma take it's place. Just 2 fly and go astray from the evil in this world would b such a delight cause all I been seeing is frightening images constant reminders of the anguish floating through my brain making me just feel a rush the boiling in my veins hoping 2 get away and escape 2 a better 2morrow.

Knowing 2 never go back 2 those that unleashed a detrimental wrath with nothing but ruthless intentions did I mention the agony ,feel the beat of my soul listen? battling trying 2 prevail over this hellish grief taking me over, the heartless wishing 4 me 2 cease but I know I have 2 stay alive as I let go all I hear is the steady beat of my heart releasing it's self from bondage.

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