Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lady Of Sin How Beautiful Is Your Agony?

Longing 4 ur kiss..not knowing that ur destructive taste would remain bitter displaying all of ur deceptiveness. Searching 4 ur touch not knowing that it would cause heart failure erasing my will 2 live and reach 4 enlightenment. After being used I feel weary it's was far 2 late all that I have invested  u have absorbed already. So inspired wanting 2 learn ur language of love only 2 be exposed 2 the sinister thoughts, tears of blood I cry, hurting, suffering from the fatal after-math.

Knowing now not 2 trust the art of seduction u mastered, praying 4 that hopeful day that the agony would b erased. The love u made 2 me was slowly taking my life from me oh so very pleasant but deadly ur touch, the hypnotizing affect from the feel of ur lips the consistent concentration I tried 2 maintain while lost within ur dream-filled eyes. When I awoken I felt ruthless knowing that I was already corrupted I had 2 go astray 2 keep my sanity.

No1 warned me they just let me go and fly blindly 2wards the agony filled summers birth. I gained my trust in the clouds, it is final my thoughts r made up its has been embedded 2 never trust, the kind intent of the heart 4 those I have encountered where not fully developed and ready 2 blossom and walk along with me 2wards the fate of eternal love.

I know ur evil and I wont fall 4 ur obstacles any longer 4 these experiences have made me stronger but also more colder no helping hand when u are stranded with no other 2 help u climb 2 the monstrosity. I will grasp 4 u only 2 just let u go and let u fall 2 ur death. Let the truth b explained especially those that fed ur hunger 2 distribute ur misery and hate,it will all finally come 2 a end the innocent souls u sacrificed will now restore their strength leaving u 2 only become weaker..let it b put 2 rest never 2 b resurrected as these days go by fighting against the sin the wicked u represent and the hell that motivated the likes of u, now let it b that u b consumed and overwhelmed in ur doom u breathed life in 2, perish by ur own greed and may u 4ever rest in peace.

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