Saturday, December 25, 2010

Worthless Nothingness

Felt so precious little did I know that I would want to feel like killing my very own will. I escape the maddness,hatching within me noises of my favorite songs keeping me motivated I hate the taste of betrayal heart bursting with pain clutching my chest from the smoke I inhale, feeling myself get closer to hell,eyes filled with sorrow I spit my deadly words of destruction wishing to unleash my demons clawing my insides screaming violently to come out. All I have is my family and if I lose them I will be a heartless zombie,with all to gain is revenge towards my adviasries wishing for all you disciples to feel my deadly wrath one day I will be missed when I'm gone, for good I'm sick cause I anticipate that day where I will be able to fly freely in the sky soaring above my trails and tribulations. Trying to deeply figure out my exsistance I pray to get past the agony I feel,understanding that there is no happiness and anguish is the only outcome so prince of darkness here I come, ready and willing to fight and battle to the death the evil that swallows me whole and desires full control.
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